Well, my shisha came today… 
Three-year-old burn victim Isabella Pippie Kruger blows bubbles with her mother, Anice Kruger during her first visit home, following a revolutionary skin transplant, August 10, 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Isabella was severely burned on 80 percent of her body when a gel firelighter exploded in her father’s hands on New Year’s Eve. She underwent a groundbreaking operation which grafted skin, grown from her own cells in a laboratory in the United States, onto her body. (Photo by Loanna Hoffmann/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images).This photograph amazes me.

ॐ My Spiritual World☽


Best let a sleeping fox lie by slippay 

ॐ My Spiritual World☽

Tehidy woods :)
If you shut everyone out of your life, even your screams become silent. William Chapman (via blackrush)

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Day 186: have you ever made a time capsule? If yes, with who, do you remember what you put inside? If not, what would you put inside if you had to put something in right now? No, I’d put photographs inside, like a timeline of my life, and things that symbolize me like guitar picks, baggies, lighters, poetry, a soft toy. Things that make me me.

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